Being Explicit About Skills Will Help Solve Canada’s Productivity Problem  20.06.2024

Robert Luke, CEO, eCampusOntario Concerns over Canada’s low productivity have grown louder with many writers positing paths to improved productivity and innovation performance. Canada has lagged other advanced economies for

OECM and eCampusOntario Collaborate to Establish a Shared Services Program 11.06.2024

New strategic partnership advances collaborative digital transformation efforts, providing enhanced value through greater savings and process efficiencies OECM is pleased to announce the establishment of a formal collaborative partnership with

OER Accessibility Resources for the Open Library 08.05.2024

If you are an OER creator who would like to know how to assess OER for accessibility, then eCampusOntario’s new webinar series on accessible OER is for you. This helpful

Keel Mind and eCampusOntario Partner to Advance Mental Health Support for Ontario Learners  05.04.2024

Ontario learners will have new access to mental health supports from home  eCampusOntario has partnered with Keel Mind, (formerly known as Get-A-Head), to make mental health support services more accessible

From Large Language Models to Learners and Labour Markets: The Role of LLM and Artificial Intelligence in Supporting Upskilling and Career Navigation  06.03.2024

Robert Luke, CEO, eCampusOntario eCampusOntario launches helping get people into programs and into jobs  At this year’s Micro-credential Forum, eCampusOntario convened over 1,200 experts – online and in person

eCampusOntario launches AI-enabled Micro-Credential Portal tool to Help Learners Address Skills Gaps 29.02.2024

New AI platform helps learners access in-demand skills training  Today at the 2024 Micro-Credential Forum eCampusOntario launched the proof of principle for a new AI-enabled tool designed to help learners

Government of Ontario’s Investment in Postsecondary Education Accelerates the Innovation Economy  26.02.2024

eCampusOntario applauds the Ministry of Colleges and University’s announcement of nearly $1.3 billion in funding for sustainable postsecondary education. Our members are committed to harnessing the power of technology-enabled and

Reflecting on “Citoyenneté 3.0 : L’aventure technopédagogique en milieu franco-ontarien” 22.02.2024

On Friday, February 2nd, 2024, eCampusOntario organized the first French-language conference for the Franco-Ontarian community and academic faculty, titled “Citoyenneté 3.0 : L’aventure technopédagogique en milieu franco-ontarien .” Gathered at

CFI and Navigator Partner with eCampusOntario’s OCIP to Boost R&D in Ontario  13.11.2023

eCampusOntario builds Ontario’s innovation capacity by supporting public-private partnerships centred on postsecondary institution research and development  TORONTO, ON — In a groundbreaking partnership aimed at driving innovation and research in Ontario,

Generation AI and Humans in the Loop of Learning  13.11.2023

November 4, 2023Robert Luke, CEO eCampusOntario This year’s edition of the eCampusOntario Technology and Education Seminar and Showcase – #TESS2023 – was another huge success. It is at TESS that

Preserving the Participatory with Dr. Bonnie Stewart 27.10.2023

By Stephen Hurley, Chief Catalyst voicEd Radio Canada Dr. Stewart will be giving a keynote address at eCampus Ontario’s Technology and Education Seminar and Showcase (TESS) being held in Toronto

Meshing the innovation gears between industry and academia 06.10.2023

Innovation is the lifeblood of every economy. Innovation creates new products and services. It improves processes, increases productivity and generates efficiencies. It responds to challenges such as climate change, pandemics,

Learn Online Portal increasing accessibility for part-time learners throughout Ontario  12.09.2023

2023 has been a year of expansion, with digital tools becoming more popular in the education sector. We’ve got in touch with our resident virtual learning expert Don Eldridge to

Advance Francophone Higher Education in Ontario 13.06.2023

Help create new French Open Education Resources for Francophone educators and learners through this paid opportunity.   Francophone educators and learners play a major role in setting up Ontario for a

eCampusOntario Launches Professional Development Fellowship Opportunity 25.05.2023

eCampusOntario launched a call for Expressions of Interest for its Ontario Extend Digital Literacy Fellowships. The fellowships, which offer a $15,000 potential stipend, provide qualified individuals the opportunity to share

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: How to Explore Horizons of Change 04.05.2023

Will [insert emerging technology here] mean the end of [insert education element here]?  By: Rocío Chávez Tellería, Research and Foresight Associate, eCampusOntario Decade after decade, we have seen stories in

How Can Blockchain and Digital Credentials Support the International Student Journey?  04.05.2023

Written by Alexander Hughes, Associate, Research and Foresight, and Janine Stowe, Research and Foresight Assistant, eCampusOntario. The challenges experienced by some international learners in Canada could be aided by emerging technologies

eCampusOntario Releases Digital Credentials Virtual Wallet Report 04.05.2023

eCampusOntario released its report, Wallets, Passports, Portfolios, Credentials: What Learners Want in a Virtual Education Wallet this past month, representing a year’s worth of research into student perceptions of digital

Brock and Trent Universities Partner with eCampusOntario’s Extend Program to Advance Digital Teaching Skills 25.04.2023

eCampusOntario continues its support of rich, equitable, inclusive and flexible digital learning experiences Brock and Trent universities have become the most recent postsecondary institutions to recognize eCampusOntario’s Ontario Extend program

Looking Ahead to the Future of Post-Secondary Education: 2022 Ontario Report 24.04.2023

The Canadian Digital Learning Research Association (CDLRA) 2022 Ontario Report on digital learning strategies, policies and practices at postsecondary institutions across Ontario is now live. Read the full report here.  “This

eCampusOntario Supports Strategic Skills Funding in Budget 2023 24.03.2023

eCampusOntario supports the commitments outlined in yesterday’s provincial Budget, Building a Strong Ontario, that recognize education as a key driver of economic competitiveness and innovation. 

Registration is open for eCampusOntario’s Micro-credential Forum 2023: Pathways for Jobs 01.02.2023

Join us March 1 – 3, 2023 for eCampusOntario’s seventh annual Micro-credential Forum 2023: Pathways for Jobs. Every year since 2017, eCampusOntario has brought together colleagues in higher education for an immersive

Free Webinar: Benefits of Issuing Micro-credentials on a Blockchain Technology – BCdiploma 23.01.2023

Key takeaways: This webinar will provide an overview of the micro-credential pilot program that eCampusOntario and BCdiploma have been running for the last three years. In this presentation, BCdiploma‘s Chief

Ontario Investing $4 Million to Help Drive World-class Research, Development and Commercialization 08.12.2022

New platform supports greater collaboration between industry and postsecondary institutions to spur innovation TORONTO – The Ontario government is investing $4 million to support greater collaboration between industry and the

Seven new employers will help accelerate new experiential learning opportunities for Franco-Ontarian learners  01.11.2022

eCampusOntario has opened a new door for Franco-Ontarian learners to gain valuable work experience. With the relaunch of its Consortium d’apprentissage experientiel francophone de l’Ontario (CAPFO) programming over this past