Strategic Plan

The strategic plan illustrates the direction eCampusOntario will take until the end of March 2021. This document is a summary of this plan.

Annual Reports

eCampusOntario members and site visitors are always invited to view our Annual Report – a comprehensive document that contains a host of organizational information such as finances, funding results, yearly initiatives, and future projects. It’s essentially a document that explains who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Click to browse our annual reports.

Previous Annual Reports: 2016-2017

Meeting Minutes

At eCampusOntario, we strongly value concepts like access and transparency. Since we advocate for these concepts within the online education industry, it only makes sense that these principles extend to our management practices. That’s why our Board of Directors meeting minutes are always available for public access. Click to browse the minutes by date.

Previous Meeting Minutes:
2018.02.15, 2017.11.21, 2017.09.28, 2017.06.21, 2017.03.9, 2017.01.18, 2016.11.30, 2016.10.20, 2016.09.13, 2016.07.7, 2016.06.15, 2016.04.20, 2015.11.25, 2014.11.28,


As a working non-profit organization, eCampusOntario follows a strict set of bylaws.