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Glossary and Translations

The eCampusOntario Glossary and Translation Wiki provides an easy-to-access translation and definition of established terms related to online learning and technology-enabled education. It also provides an opportunity for the community to submit definitions and pose questions about emerging terms in the field.

To use this site: Search the glossary by keyword, or scroll the list of emerging and established terms. Make comments on the entries in the Established Terms section. Submit a new word by Contacting Us

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Established Terms

What is the eCampusOntario Glossary and Translations Wiki?

The goal of this wiki is to support and promote bilingual writing and publishing on topics related to open and technology-enabled teaching and learning. It features English words and phrases commonly used in these subject areas and their French translations.
Currently, the Glossary and Translation Wiki is available in English-to-French. Future developments will include creating a French-to-English version of the wiki as well.

Who is it for?

The wiki is open to anyone interested in using it, especially Anglophone writers who want to translate English writing about open and technology-enabled learning into French.

Why is this important?

Translation is a complex process, influenced by cultural, contextual, and linguistic factors. New or changing fields of thought and practice result in new words and phrases, which can further complicate translation. As a subjective and individual process, translation is also interpretation, even among those who share similar culture or language.

Over time, eCampusOntario has adopted some translations of particular words and phrases to allow purposeful, consistent, and shared meaning-making in the translation process. In other cases, emerging words and phrases require ongoing discussion over their translation and meaning. As language is constantly growing and changing, new words are always entering into the discourse community. A wiki is a useful tool to build a database of terms and provide opportunities for a community to engage in discussion and feedback.

How was this database built?

Terms have been translated in consultation with a professional translation company as well as with Francophones with technology field expertise.

Questions? Contact: Contact Us