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Microcertification are smaller certifications than mainline certifications that are targeted for specialty products or topics. Unlike mainline certification exams, these are non-proctored exams that do not require visiting a testing center. Like the mainline certifications, there is always paired training content that must be completed before attempting a micro-certification exam, however these are often available as shorter, self-paced modules.

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The use of the term Microcertification is the same in both languages regardless of the context.

In higher education a microdegree also micro degree and micromasters is a credential focused upon a specified professional or career discipline and typically comprises one or more sources of accelerated educational experiences. Microdegrees are a single manifestation of Competency Based Education (CBE) which seeks to tie credentialing to specific skills sets.[1]

Microcredentials including Microdegrees act as a pointer to the criteria for and demonstration of the skills represented by the microcredential. Because the credentials are presented in a digital format, they can be parsed automatically for verification over the web and allow for a greater level of granularity than a traditional paper transcript. Microdegrees meet the criteria for Open Educational Data defined by the U.S. Department of Education.[2]

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