Research and Foresight support the growth, innovation, and transformation of the Ontario postsecondary education sector to further digital-by-design educational futures.

Research and Foresight supports organizational and sector capacity in three key areas:

Understanding the landscape
for impact and change

Identifying insights for

Disseminating knowledge
for strategic action

Capacity Building for Innovation and
Digital Transformation (Dx)

Understand the postsecondary education landscape for impact and change

We collect data and information.

Lead research activities that reflect member institutions’ needs and priorities as they enable Digital Transformation throughout their programs and services.

Identify insights for Digital Transformation

We identify new opportunities.

Support the understanding and use of complex datasets and emerging trends to enact Digital Transformation across Ontario’s postsecondary institutions.

Support strategic action

We explore the futures of postsecondary education.

Help leaders and innovators in Ontario’s postsecondary sector navigate Digital Transformation for informed and future oriented decision making.

Foresight Reports

Foresight reports are tools to support the navigation of uncertain and complex futures. Foresight helps inform present day decision making by identifying patterns of change that may have significant lasting impacts for the futures of higher education. These tools can be used to help you engage in strategic action to enable Digital Transformation and build Dx capacity at your institution.

Reports in Collection 1 provide high-level overviews of maturing trends within the postsecondary education sector. We recommend readers use these reports as maps to explore the futures of postsecondary education.

Reports in Collection 2 take a deeper look at the themes in Collection 1 to understand how these trends are materializing across campuses.

Reports in Collection 3 will further uncover the complexities of flexibility from the perspective of postsecondary educators. A series of participatory workshops with educators will help uncover how flexibility relates to their role and the factors driving the need for it.

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