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eCampusOntario launches AI-enabled Micro-Credential Portal tool to Help Learners Address Skills Gaps

New AI platform helps learners access in-demand skills training 

Today at the 2024 Micro-Credential Forum eCampusOntario launched the proof of principle for a new AI-enabled tool designed to help learners address skills gaps with personalized educational pathway recommendations. uses a custom GPT powered by OpenAI to help learners to better understand their skills gaps and find a micro-credential to fill these gaps. Attendees of the Forum were able to interact with the new skillsfinder tool as part of testing the capabilities of generative AI and supporting upskilling and reskilling. 

Launched in 2021 and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the Ontario Micro-credential Portal is the platform of record for learners across Ontario to find short courses to learn the in-demand skills employers need. The Portal lists micro-credentials from Ontario’s colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes. The new custom GPT tool enables learners to rapidly assess their skills and competencies, match these to what employers are looking for, and find micro-credential education programs to bridge any skills gaps. 

This Generative AI tool adds a smart conversational interface that allows visitor interaction and increases their engagement with the platform. By releasing, eCampusOntario continues its leadership role on behalf of its member institutions in Ontario and across Canada. Over the next month eCampusOntario will be testing the new proof of principle interface as part of experimenting with AI tools to empower learners. For now, requires a ChatGPT account to use. The new Generative AI interface builds on improvements to the Micro-credentials Portal made in 2023 with the Future Skills Centre and the Conference Board of Canada that integrated Labour Market Information (LMI) into the Portal to make it easier for people to find relevant micro-credential programs, and to see 5-year job outlooks and skills associated with programs. 

“By enabling people to test the new we will be able to learn how people interact with and use AI in supporting their personal educational journey,” says Robert Luke, CEO of eCampusOntario. “eCampusOntario is launching these tools to help learners find programs that support their career goals and help employers address upskilling needs in the workforce. The new Generative AI tool also helps our member Indigenous institutes, colleges and universities realize efficiencies and save money in reaching learners while helping to increase incremental revenue through new program registrations.”  

The eCampusOntario supports workforce development and industry engagement and personal career and learning management for individuals. eCampusOntario has built the new Generative AI interface with Techmien Corp., a Toronto-based software development firm that specializes in creating innovative solutions that incorporate leading edge technologies. The new Generative AI interface on the Micro-credentials Portal also connects to other AI-enabled platforms that eCampusOntario provides its members. 

“ is an essential tool that will help Ontarians prepare for the in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow,” says the Minister of Colleges of Universities, Jill Dunlop. “This initiative empowers learners with personalized pathways for career success, whether they are starting out, changing career paths or looking to upskill.” is a leading-edge experimentation and proof of principle and requires a ChatGPT Plus account to use. will be accessible for free once pilot testing has concluded in Spring 2024.

About Micro-credentials 

Micro-credentials are rapid training programs offered by postsecondary education institutions across the province that can help you get the skills that employers need. Alongside degrees, diplomas and certificates, micro-credentials offer a valuable postsecondary option for learners. 

Offered by public and private colleges, universities and Indigenous Institutes, micro-credentials are short in duration, are often online and can be designed for the specific needs of employers and jobs.  


  • take less time to complete than degrees or diplomas  
  • may be completed online and may include on-the-job training  
  • are often created with input from business sectors, so the skills being taught match employer needs  

Micro-credentials Portal 

The Micro-credentials Portal is now home to nearly 3,000 micro-credentials from postsecondary institutions across Ontario. is the next step in accessible service delivery, making it easier to find the right micro-credentials for your career goals.