From Large Language Models to Learners and Labour Markets: The Role of LLM and Artificial Intelligence in Supporting Upskilling and Career Navigation 

Robert Luke, CEO, eCampusOntario

eCampusOntario launches helping get people into programs and into jobs 

At this year’s Micro-credential Forum, eCampusOntario convened over 1,200 experts – online and in person – from postsecondary institutions, industry, and government for a discussion focused on Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce. Thought-leaders showcased how institutions, employers, and eCampusOntario are working together to develop new programs that position Ontario as the best place to recruit and retain workers.  

And in support of this mission, eCampusOntario launched a new custom GPT powered by OpenAI that links to the Ontario Micro-credentials Portal.  

The new tool is a proof of principle that shows how Generative AI can be used to support the needs of learners and employers with upskilling. Available at, the goal in developing the tool is to leverage the power of Large Language Models and to better enable learners and employers to understand skills gaps and find a micro-credential to fill them. 

The custom GPT provides an intuitive user interface that accesses the thousands of micro-credentials on the eCampusOntario Micro-credentials Portal. Learners can now ask questions as with any ChatGPT, leveraging the power of natural language interfaces to find programs that fit their career wayfinding. Learners can even upload their resume to help understand what skills they already have; this helps learners understand competencies inferred from credentials conferred.  

The ability to help learners understand their current skills and to locate programs that teach them other in-demand skills is a crucial next step in the evolution of micro-credentials and postsecondary education. The new tool developed on GPT-4 enables learners to rapidly assess their skills and competencies, match these to what employers are looking for, and find micro-credential education programs to bridge any skills gaps. 

Launched in 2021 and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the Ontario Micro-credential Portal is the platform of record for learners across Ontario to find short courses to learn skills employers want. The Portal lists micro-credentials from Ontario’s Indigenous institutes, colleges and universities. The new OpenAI Portal interface builds on work over the past year with the Future Skills Centre and the Conference Board of Canada, which saw the Portal enhanced with labour market information, career and job prospects, skills associated with programs, and intuitive career wayfinding search capabilities based on a person’s current occupation.  

eCampusOntario is focused on providing learners with tools to reskill and upskill, and to find programs in Ontario’s Indigenous institutes, colleges and universities to help them in their careers. These tools also help businesses with workforce development through access to targeted skills training. And by providing a curated list of all short-form skills-focused learning offered in Ontario, eCampusOntario helps its members achieve cost savings and incremental revenue through micro-credential registrations. 

As outlined in the 2023 Canadian Digital Learning Research Association (CDLRA) Report on Ontario, 87% of respondents expected more alternative credential offerings to grow over the next 24 months. Micro-credentials, coupled with digital transformation of the postsecondary education sector more widely, are ushering in a new future of education that is even more responsive to learner needs. By providing new ways for learners to tap into skills-focused training eCampusOntario is supporting a responsive labour market with high quality postsecondary education and career wayfinding. 

The new OpenAI-enabled Micro-credentials Portal is just one way that eCampusOntario is leveraging the power of scale to help solve labour market skills gaps through innovation, accelerated integration and skills training.  

By using Artificial Intelligence to help get people into programs and into jobs, we are using the power of Large Language Models to empower Learners and Labour markets. 

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