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Open Education encompasses resources, tools and practices that are free of legal, financial, and technical barriers and can be fully used, shared and adapted in the digital environment. Open Education maximizes the power of the internet to make education more affordable, accessible and effective.

                                                                           – SPARC, “Open Education”

eCampusOntario provides infrastructure, training and tools for post-secondary institutions across Ontario interested in learning more about Open Education. 

Open Library

The Open Library is the home of open educational resources (OER) in Ontario. The platform is easy to access and search, and is full of resources to get started with an OER project at your institution. The library maintains timely data on reported adoptions, resources, and student savings for the province. Visit the Open Library and use our savings calculator to see just how much OER adoptions can help your students.

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Open Publishing Infrastructure

The Open Library is equipped with cutting-edge technology thanks to a joint effort between eCampusOntario and Ryerson University. The Open Library is more than your standard library, it also provides an Open Publishing Infrastructure that makes available a series of tools enabling the community of educators of Ontario to build, adapt and use Open Educational Resources. 

 eCampusOntario’s IT team maintains and develops the Open Library on a daytoday basis. The Open Publishing Infrastructure project will be developed with open source software from Pressbooks, DSpace, Limesurvey and WordPress. Overall, the Open Library and the Open Publishing Infrastructure are vital additions to the expansion of the capabilities for OER in the province of Ontario. 

Creative Commons
Creative Commons

About Creative Commons Licensing

What is a Creative Commons (CC) license? It is a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to creative work. Creative Commons licensing provides the foundation on which Open Education can grow, ensuring that knowledge is accessible and available to individuals around the world.

Creative Commons and the Open Library

Knowledge is in a constant state of renewal. New discoveries, innovations and perspectives are constantly changing the content we teach in higher education. With Creative Commons licensing, educators who contribute open educational resources to the library can ensure their work is easily accessible to students and available for review and adaptation by colleagues. Through this continuous peer review process, resources held in the library maintain a high standard of quality.

Need more information about Creative Commons and the Open Library? Please don’t hesitate to contact eCampusOntario by email.

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Extend Your Teaching Practise

Explore skills, knowledge and attributes that might extend your teaching and learning practice and enrich your professional development. Six modules, all openly licensed to be remixed, reused and redistributed.
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Open Library

The Open Library provides learners and educators access to free textbooks and other relevant academic materials. It’s a revolutionary resource that allows educators to adopt texts for their students or adapt for relevant, localized content.
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Ed-Tech Sandbox

The Sandbox currently contains three educational resources: Virtual Reality Lab technology, an experiential learning platform, and an Open Badging initiative. Educators can browse the Sandbox, share ideas, and advance their online learning methods with these cutting-edge tools.