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TESS 2024 Call for proposals

TESS 2024 Call for Proposals

November 5 – 6
Toronto Reference Library

Every year, eCampusOntario brings together professionals from Ontario’s publicly-assisted colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes to discuss, celebrate, and advance technological innovation, community, and collaboration.


Transforming Together

With new challenges facing postsecondary institutions, innovation through collaboration will become an increasingly important way to maintain and advance the quality of teaching and learning in higher education. TESS 2024 will offer important insights on how digital transformation offers unique opportunities for the sector to work together to ensure the best outcomes for learners in a continually evolving future.


Partnerships and Collaboration

How can collaboration support pedagogical innovation? Whether between postsecondary institutions or with industry, partnerships can be the kernel of important new ideas with amplified sector impact.

DX Leaders

How have digital transformation (DX) leaders been inspiring institutional and sector-wide change? DX Leaders effect cultural shifts at institutions to make digital-first education a reality for the needs of future learners.

Future Focus

How can new technologies inspire changes to teaching and learning that through knowledge sharing and collaboration could have a systemic impact on the experience and accessibility of higher education?

New Visions for Digital Learning

How can new ways of learning advance postsecondary education? This track explores how different visons for education, such as Indigenous ways of knowing, experiential learning and holistic education, can influence and enrich digital-first learning.

Session Types:

eCampusOntario is seeking proposals from its community to present on topics relevant to the conference theme. Discussions and learning opportunities will be held in the following formats. You can choose to participate in TESS 2024 in either of the following formats:

  • In-person Presentation (30-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A)
  • In-person Workshop (40-minute workshop)

Deadline to submit a proposal: May 29, 2024 at 5:00pm EST


A Peer Review Committee will evaluate all submitted proposals to identify presenters for TESS 2024.

Applicants’ session proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria.