Open Badges

Open Badges.

Open Badges

An Open Badge is a digital credential, issued after a learner meets a set of criteria. Each badge is a visual record of achievement, embedded with data that makes it easy for organizations or employers to authenticate and understand. The badge can be added to digital resumes or social media feeds for potential employers to see.

Re-thinking recognition

Learning happens everywhere, sometimes in the formal classroom, sometimes elsewhere. One of the challenges with conventional credentials is that resumes or transcripts don’t always convey the entirety of learning as fully as they could. That’s where digital badges come in.

Currently, more than 15 million Open Badges have been issued across the globe by a variety of organizations and institutions. This increasing popularity speaks to their unique advantage, allowing learners and job seekers to showcase a more holistic view of their skills, interests and achievements.

Our work with digital credentials

eCampusOntario encourages learners, educators and those in both the private and public sectors to be aware of alternate recognition and the positive impact it has on teaching and learning. To support this initiative, eCampusOntario is building an Open Badge repository powered by to serve learners in Ontario. The eCampusOntario Passport allows learners to store and manage their digital credentials using a single, centralized platform.

eCampusOntario believes that development in the Open Badge space must involve stakeholders in all sectors of education. Students, faculty, government and industry professionals are all components in this ecosystem and must work together to create new ways of recognizing valuable skills and experience.

Open Badges 2.0

eCampusOntario is excited to introduce Open Badges 2.0, a standard set by IMS Global, the organization responsible for worldwide management and advancement of Open Badges. This new phase includes features that extend ability to build relevant, compelling badges, adding to already valuable functionalities of version 1.0. Here are some highlights released with version 2.0:

  • Endorsements: Badges can be endorsed by a third party, facilitating collaboration between jurisdictions and various levels of authority.
  • Alignments: Badges can be tied to a common set of standards or outcomes. This feature adds context to a badge by allowing linkages between learnings and objectives.
  • Embed Criteria and Evidence: Badges can now be machine readable, making them easier to share and integrate with various sites or digital tools.
  • Multilingual Support: Badges will be created in various languages, reflecting the global impact of Open Badges and their increasing popularity in many regions.

Open Badges are a convenient way for individuals to differentiate themselves from colleagues and job candidates who have similar credentials and work experience. It is also a remarkable solution for Ontario learners who have previously not been able to capitalize on their soft skills and hidden talents.

Open Badge Forum

This all-day workshop gives learners and educators the chance to understand the benefits of Open Badges, an alternative tool for recognizing skills and credentials. Through a series of speakers, inspiring “ignite” sessions and interactive design sessions, forum participants connect with other open learning enthusiasts and learn how to leverage Open Badges, both in education and the workplace.

eCampusOntario brings together education and industry partners to learn more about using digital credentials. Learn more about our Open Badge events.

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