Open Badges

Knowledge isn’t concrete; it can be gained in a wide variety of ways. Every day, valuable skills and experience are attained by learners who get involved with activities outside of their formal classroom education. Sports teams and other extracurriculars can positively benefit a student’s psyche. Unfortunately, traditional resumes and portfolio programs aren’t typically formatted to shed light on the soft skills that are gained through this kind of involvement.

Re-thinking recognition of learning

eCampusOntario encourages individuals within academia to become more aware of alternative learning and the way in which it positively shapes students’ personalities. In partnership with CanCred, it is providing Open Badges, a form of technology that acknowledges extracurricular achievements. After meeting a set of criteria, students can receive a digital badge that advertises learned skills that may include, tech skills, teamwork and communication, to name a few. The badge can easily be added to a LinkedIn profile for friends, peers, and potential employers to view and admire.

Benefits of Open Badges

An Open Badge bridges the wide gap between employers and job seekers by allowing hiring managers to gain insight into graduates’ unique talents and characteristics. It’s a convenient way for individuals to differentiate themselves from colleagues and job candidates who have similar credentials and work experience. It is also a remarkable solution for Ontario learners who have previously not been able to capitalize on their soft skills and hidden talents.

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