What is a micro-certification?

RMIT University in Australia provides a helpful description of both digital credentials and micro-credentials, which fall under the category of micro-certifications.

“A digital credential is the official certification of the acquisition of an individual’s skills or capabilities. It is awarded in a digital form, which is verified, secure and shareable with peers, employers and educational providers. Digital credentials can be curated, annotated, and distributed over digital networks under the earner’s control.

Micro-credentials also certify an individual’s achievements in specific skills and differ from traditional education credentials, such as degrees and diplomas, in that they are shorter, can be personalised and provide distinctive value and relevance in the changing world of work.”

— RMIT University

Why micro-certification now?

Micro-certifications can be used to recognize both vertical and transversal skills. Coupled with the in-depth learning obtained in a field of study, micro-credentials can be used to present a more holistic view of an individual’s abilities and achievements.

In today’s fast-changing workforce and emerging gig economy, a nimble recognition system is essential for both professionals and employers, who are increasingly moving towards skill or competency-based hiring.

Building a harmonized micro-certification ecosystem for Ontario

eCampusOntario’s work with micro-credentials aims to strengthen and expand micro-certification activity at Ontario colleges and universities through a common framework and a community of practice.

The eCampusOntario Micro-Certification Working Group brings together higher education and industry professionals to address micro-certification activity from a systemic perspective. Working group members are committed to strengthening skills connections and building pathways between higher education and the Ontario workforce. The working group is engaged in the active development and testing of a framework for micro-certification activity, ensuring relevance to the labour market, assessment, evidence, validation standards and partner endorsement.

Download the framework and principles document.

View the micro-certification EOI webinar (October 23, 2019).

Annual Forum

eCampusOntario’s annual Micro-Certification Forum brings employers and academic leadership from all over North America. Through this interactive event, attendees from multiple sectors come together to share experiences and build a community of practice dedicated to the advancement of micro-certification for Ontario.

For more information, contact Emma Gooch, Program Coordinator.