an intmidating stone scuplture of Zeus with the caption "Some Things should stay closed"
29.09.2017 - 2 min. Read

eCampusOntario’s Fall Marketing Campaign

eCampusOntario’s Open Textbook Library aims to put money back into the pockets of Ontario learners who are affected by the rising costs of course materials. It provides Open Educational Resources (OER) in the form of textbooks to Ontarians who want to easily locate a research material, fulfill a required reading, or pursue a personal interest.

The current library collection has amassed over 200 textbooks and anyone from across the province can view and download the open materials for free. The Open Library addresses two key barriers to education: access and affordability, and since the library’s soft launch in May, more than 2,700 learners have saved over $307,000.

Our latest marketing campaign, promoting the eCampusOntario Open Textbook Library, is based around the concept of “open”, namely in relation to items that should remain closed.

At the epicenter of this campaign is our aptly titled commercial Pandora’s Box to be broadcast at participating Cineplex theatres throughout Ontario beginning September 22nd.  The campaign will be accompanied by print, radio and digital components all reinforcing the benefits of the Open Textbook Library and the notion that although some things should remain closed, textbooks should remain “open”.

Follow our campaign on our Facebook and Twitter channels and catch our commercial in select Cineplex theatres beginning September 22nd.