eCampusOntario supports Open Badges 2.0

What if learners and job-seekers had access to a structured, widely recognizable method of showcasing their skills beyond the traditional resume?

This challenge is the driving force behind eCampusOntario’s focus on open badging. In 2019, we’re launching several initiatives to showcase the benefits of open badging, such as partnering with the and hosting a dynamic educational forum.

First, a primer:

Open badges are a form of credentializing, a unique way of recognizing skills and accomplishments. Individuals can collect badges from designated issuers and use them to tell a more nuanced story about their education, skills and achievements, especially those that may not be conveyed on resumes or academic transcripts.

Every open badge contains structured metadata, which makes them easy for employers and organizations to authenticate and recognize. The badges can then be openly displayed on job seekers’ social media feeds or showcased in a digital portfolio.

In 2019, here’s what eCampusOntario has on the go to promote greater awareness about open badging:

Playing a key role at the IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit

We’re excited to announce that Michel Singh, eCampusOntario’s Chief Technology Officer, will be presenting at the IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit in Arizona this month. Michel, who has been instrumental in leading our involvement with Open Badges 2.0, will be speaking to attendees about our work in micro-credential advocacy and what’s in store for the next generation of badging.

Learn more about the summit here:

Hosting the Ontario Open Badge Forum 2019

This year, eCampusOntario is hosting a second Ontario Open Badge Forum, held earlier in 2017. This all-day event aims to educate attendees through a series of bite-sized “igniter” conversations and pop-up design sessions with attendees from various industry, education, non-profit and public sectors. Taking place on March 1st in Toronto’s Globe and Mail Centre, the forum can accommodate 130 attendees. Learn more here:

Partnering with CanCred to build a badge repository

 To support our work in micro-credentialing, we’ve joined forces with, a Canadian-based service that helps issuers create, issue and manage badges.

Together, we’re developing an eCampusOntario Passport, where badges can be stored on a cloud-based platform, providing a centralized dashboard for organization and contributing to a more consistent, structured badging system.

Learn more about our involvement in the Open Badge space here:

Reflections from our CEO

Our CEO, David Porter, shared his thoughts in a blog post about the value of micro-credentials and badging after speaking with several industry colleagues who are active in the open badge sphere, including Eileen De Courcy, who supported a badging system during her time as AVP, Teaching and Learning at Humber College. His post was showcased by WCET, a national leader in the practice, policy and advocacy of technology-enhanced learning.

You can read it here: