Thank you to our proposal reviewers

The Technology + Education Seminar +  Showcase (TESS) program is developed by eCampusOntario with considerable support from the higher ed community. This year, a number of peer reviewers have been lending their time to review and evaluate proposals from dozens of session applicants, and we express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the following individuals for their hard work and commitment:

Arina Bogdan Maynor Barrientos
Cristina DAmico Michal Kasprzak
Deborah Leal Michelle Brown
Elena Chudaeva Nada Savicevic
Hubert Lalande Nick Baker
Iris Epstein Olga Perkovic
Jenni Hayman Olivier Chartrand
Joanne Kehoe Pavlina Radia
Johanna Carroll Tania Killian
Laura Servage Xinli Wang