Call for Proposal Reviewers

eCampusOntario is assembling a Proposal Review Committee to evaluate presentation submissions for TESS. This committee shall:

  • Evaluate proposal submissions based on the structure and evaluation framework established by eCampusOntario;
  • Meet to discuss proposals that require further consideration; and
  • Provide constructive feedback on reviewed proposals that will be shared with all applicants, whether or not their proposal was accepted for presentation at TESS.

It is anticipated that 5-10 hours will be required by members of the Proposal Review Committee to review proposals, though more time may be required depending on the number of applicants and quality of proposals.

If you are interested in joining the Proposal Review Committee, please review the terms and conditions and complete the form below.

Applications are now closed.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application, I understand that:

  • The Proposal Review Committee process will be open and shared with the community.
  • To ensure transparency, the names, institutions and titles of committee members will be shared on the TESS website.

I agree to:

  • Commit the time required as a proposal review committee member.
  • Abide by the process outlined by eCampusOntario to review submissions of proposals for presentations at TESS 2020.
  • Participate as a volunteer without any financial compensation.

If selected, I shall:

  • Adhere to deadlines set by eCampusOntario.
  • Review proposals for the purpose of selecting the best candidates to present at TESS 2020.
  • Review proposals fairly, equally, and without prejudice.
  • Not accept any sort of remuneration whatsoever, whether cash, gift, or in-kind, to influence the outcome of any of the proposals.

I shall be subject to conflict of interest checks and will declare:

  • Any conflicts-of-interest that might arise including, but not limited to having:
  • Any existing or past personal relationships with any applicant who has submitted a proposal for presentation.
  • Collaborated on research, in any way, on any work proposed by a presenter.
  • Previously reviewed the same presentation proposed by the same applicant for another conference or event.