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03.10.2017 - 1 minute Read

Results of the Open Textbook Call for Proposals

On June 6th 2017, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development announced a $1 Million Dollar investment into Open Educational Resources by launching a new funding opportunity for member institutions: The Open Textbook Initiative.

The Open Textbook Initiative provides funding to increase the presence and use of open textbooks in the following priority areas:

  1. Textbooks for high-enrolment first and second-year courses
  2. Original French-language content
  3. Indigenous studies content
  4. Trades and technical skills content
  5. Content supporting the settlement of immigrants and refugees

eCampusOntario is pleased to announce that 23 projects received funding. Of the 23 projects, 14 are Open Textbook Adaptation/Adoption projects and 9 are Open Textbook Creation projects.