29.03.2018 - 1 minute Read

Creative Commons Global Summit returns to Toronto

Curious about what’s happening with Open Education in Ontario? Interested in finding opportunities to collaborate with colleagues or apply for grant funded OER initiatives? Then you should know about eCampusOntario, a not-for-profit, government funded consortium representing all 45 colleges and universities in the province. April 2018 marks the beginning of eCampusOntario’s new three-year Strategic Plan, one that supports member institutions in exploring new ways of thinking open when it comes to online and technology-enabled teaching and learning. The Plan is focused on three key strategies:

1. Lead through open and collaborative practices

2. Build capacity through shared and collaborative services

3. Inspire innovation through investment in research and development

Join Lena Patterson, Senior Director of Programs and Stakeholder Relations, as she outlines current and future eCampusOntario initiatives. We welcome Ontario delegates to attend this session to preview our open and collaborative educational technology programs and services.