Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning: Personalizing Education at Scale 

Research by eCampusOntario found that educators are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to actively engage learners and improve learning outcomes. Adaptive learning makes this possible through leveraging technologies that caters instructional content and/or learning modality to the unique needs and preferences of each learner while making learning more active and engaging. 

In support of these innovative technologies, eCampusOntario is pleased to offer the following webinars that feature adaptive learning technology vendor and institution collaborations.

Adaptive Learning: Using VR & AR Simulations for Active Learning 
Join us for a conversation with UP360 CEO Harrison Olajos and St. Lawrence College Dean Theresa Steger who will discuss the use of UP360 VR and AR technologies to enhance program delivery and learner engagement.

This platform offers a scalable, cost-effective, and measurable way to train and assess individuals. Further, it can easily validate core competencies and provide micro-credentialing in programs. During the presentation, we will hear about how St. Lawrence College has worked with UP360 to integrate CanCred badge issuance into virtual simulations

Adaptive Learning: Using AI to Build Retention for Learning
Join us for a conversation with Cerego rep Brian Gore and Georgian College Dean Mark Ihnat who will discuss the use of the Cerego memory engine that leverages cognitive science and artificial intelligence to help learners build memory and turn knowing into doing.

Over the course of the fall semester and continuing into the winter semester, Georgian College has been integrating the use of this platform into its communications courses across the institution. During this presentation, we will hear about how the college selected its vendor, engaged educators, and evaluated learning outcomes for this project.

Adaptive Learning: Using AI for Personalized Learning 
Join us for a conversation with YOURIKA CEO, Rob Henderson and a panel of academic partners to discuss how AI is helping deliver more personalized and adaptive experiences. YOURIKA is a Waterloo-based company that is using its breakthroughs in AI to develop more personalized and adaptive learning products.

The discussion will focus on how the technology works and can be applied, including a live example of YOURIKA’s personalized learning support platform Smart’n. The Smart’n platform is currently helping nursing students save time, stress less and achieve academic success by enabling real-time and self-directed support. It allows users to assess their strengths, identify knowledge gaps, track progress and customize content based on their individual needs.