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Board of Directors – Public Director Position with financial, audit or risk management experience

Posted 2 weeks ago

The following characteristics describe an individual who would be well-suited to serve eCampusOntario on its Board of Directors as a member from the public:

  • Deep experience in a finance, audit or risk management environment
  • Commitment to fully participate in all Board meetings (including having read any background materials) and related professional development activities
  • Willingness to continually learn more about online and technology-enabled learning, the organization’s operations and its services, as well as learn about any individual responsibilities as a Board member by fulfilling professional development training as recommended by the Board or Executive Directors
  • Commitment to maintain confidentiality of eCampusOntario’s operations
  • Member of the public having no direct affiliation with a member institution
  • No conflict of interest, real or perceived—for example, direct affiliation with an organization that could be seen to gain an unfair competitive/commercial advantage from involvement with the eCampusOntario Board
  • Experience or expertise in one of the following areas would be advantageous to the eCampusOntario Board:

The Directors serve without remuneration for their time and contributions, but are reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses properly incurred (e.g. travel, accommodations) to attend Directors’ meetings or otherwise perform the duties of a Director.

Download the Finance and Audit Committee Terms of Reference here.

Please submit applications to Lena Patterson, Operations Director: by June 15, 2017.

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OOLC Board Member

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