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Consent Form

Usability Study for eCampusOntario – eCO2022.12.001

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Research and Foresight Team

Usability Study for eCampusOntario - eCO2022.12.001
  • I understand that I have been asked to participate in user research/non-research inquiry.
  • I understand that this activity has not been approved by a Research Ethics Board.
  • I understand the purpose of this activity.
  • I understand the potential benefits and risks associated with participating.
  • I understand that my participation is completely voluntary and my choice.
  • I understand I am free to stop participating (within limits), and I do not need to provide a reason.
  • I understand how information will be collected, stored, and used.
  • I understand who will have access to the information that is collected.
  • I have had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the activity.
  •  (if applicable)I understand that some or all of my participation will be audio and/or video-recorded.
  • I am over the age of 18.
  • I agree and want to participate in this user research/non-research inquiry.
eCampusOntario will keep a copy of this consent form for our records. We will send you a copy at the e-mail address you provided.