The Student Experience Design Lab is in full swing!

03.11.2017 - 1 minute Read

The SXD lab is up and running. Students have identified six different pain-points in their learning experience and have formed teams to ideate and prototype solutions to these design challenges. With the support of eCampusOntario, industry partners and service designers, students are leading the charge on rethinking the learning experience. Follow their progress @SXDLab.

 The following is a list of six projects currently underway in the Student Experience Design Lab. Each project explores a solution to improve the post-secondary learning experience.

Full descriptions of each project are available:

  1. Co-Creating Virtual Reality Content
  2. Free the Learning
  3. My Meaningful Life
  4. Exponential Learning
  5. Measuring Success
  6. Research Squad

While the SXD website remains under construction, inquiries can be submitted to The Student Experience Design Lab will be featured at this year’s Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase. Register for SXD sessions at

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