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02.10.2017 - 3 min. Read

Lynda.com to benefit every student, instructor and staff

eCampusOntario works on behalf of the Government of Ontario to negotiate a province-wide Lynda.com deal for every student, instructor and staff member of Ontario Colleges and Universities.

eCampusOntario is pleased to announce that negotiations with LinkedIn Learning on behalf of the Government of Ontario have concluded with the provision of a comprehensive Lynda.com license for all students, instructors and staff members at publicly-funded Colleges and Universities in Ontario.

eCampusOntario was given a mandate to pursue negotiations with LinkedIn Lynda.com for a province wide license following the Ontario Budget announcement in April 2017, which positioned the initiative as a critical piece of the Career Kick-Start Strategy.

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, eCampusOntario is pleased to provide all students, instructors and staff at member institutions with access to the full suite of Lynda.com content at no cost for three years to September 21, 2020.

This blanket license will ensure that every post-secondary student in Ontario has access to self-service training and skills opportunities using media and technology.

We will be asking Colleges and Universities to designate an academic and technical contact so that we can target communications directly for distribution through appropriate institutional channels.

For those with existing Lynda.com licenses nothing will change, except broader access. eCampusOntario will work with partner organizations to facilitate complete access to Lynda.com by January 2018.

For more information, please contact: Jamee Robinson, Finance Director jrobinson@ecampusontario.ca.


“Provincially supported access to the Lynda.com library for staff and students at all of publically-funded colleges and universities in Ontario is a significant step towards the democratization of education and the advancement of engaging technology-enhanced learning.” – Judith Morris, Co-Chair, eCampusOntario Board / President & CEO, Lambton College

 “The partnership between eCampusOntario and Lynda.com will allow students from across the province to access new, innovative learning tools beyond the classroom. Opening up free, high-quality, technology-enabled learning opportunities for students is part of our Career Kick-Start Strategy to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and grow our economy for years to come.” 

 Deb Matthews

Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, Minister Responsible for Digital Governance

“The provincial license for Lynda.com is an important step forward in providing self-directed training for learners that match their needs for media, technology, and other experiences that complement their fields of study and add a valued layer of can-do skills to help enable their employment ambitions.” – David Porter, CEO, eCampusOntario

About eCampusOntario

eCampusOntario is a not-for-profit organization whose membership is composed of all publicly-funded colleges and universities in Ontario. Our mandate is to promote access, collaboration and innovation in online and technology-enabled learning to enhance the student experience, support faculty development and extend Ontario’s global reputation as a leader in teaching and learning through technology. Funding for eCampusOntario comes from the Government of Ontario

About Lynda.com

Lynda.com is an on-demand learning solution designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career. Logging in to Lynda.com offers a customized learning experience that features instructional content relevant to your professional interests and goals. Lynda.com customers get:

  • Unlimited access. Choose from more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics.
  • Personalized recommendations. Explore the most in-demand skills based on your experience.
  • Learn from industry leaders, all in one place.
  • Convenient learning. Access courses on your schedule, from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Helpful resources. Reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files and coding practice windows