Request for Quotes – eCampusOntario Design Innovation Consultant

Issued by: eCampusOntario

April 5, 2017

Closing Date: April 19, 2017



eCampusOntario is seeking quotes for a Design Innovation Consultant to assist with the development of a Student Experience Design Lab (SXD Lab). eCampusOntario is interested in working with a consultant with deep experience in post-secondary education and expertise in creative design processes within an innovation framework. One contract will be awarded for the development of a lab concept, model and methods, and will include the following deliverables:

  • a work-plan for the 2017-18 fiscal year;
  • development of an evaluation framework and toolkit (for developmental, formative and summative evaluation);
  • training, coaching and/or mentoring for multiple stakeholders; and,
  • research and facilitation to support the development of project prototypes.

The development of the SXD Lab will provide eCampusOntario with a platform for student-driven innovation and will help advance the mission of student supports through effective engagement with industry leaders and students. Initially, the lab will start out virtually (based on resources), and depending on the success of the project, the recommendation may be to evolve into a physical space.

The Design Innovation Consultant will work closely with the Project Lead, Student Services to develop a working lab model for the 2017-18 fiscal year.



On January 16-17, 2017, eCampusOntario brought together students from across the province to participate in design thinking activities to explore new methodologies to make online learning in Ontario even better. The ideas generated at this session (SXD Studio) were presented the following day to faculty and educational innovators for feedback. Following the SXD Studio, eCampusOntario connected students with industry partners to advance the ideas and determine available resources. With the help of industry leaders, the ideas were structured into prototypes and pitched to faculty members and students at a half-day event at the MaRS Discovery District. At the event, eCampusOntario announced a commitment to design and implement a working lab concept to continue to support student-led innovation.



Please use the order and numbering scheme provided below when addressing the following components in your 3-5 page submission.

  1. Technical (Proposed Approach) (25%)

       Given the context provided above, describe the method you would use to prototype a lab model, addressing the deliverables outlined above.


  1. Experience (45%)                     

        Provide a brief overview of relevant work and experience. Please indicate your skill level with the following criterion and provide detailed examples (45%):

  • Design: Narrative, engagement, innovation, strategy, curriculum, program and digital media design (7.5%)
  • Research: Human-centered design, narrative, qualitative and ethnographic research (7.5%)
  • Evaluation: Developmental, formative, summative & values-based evaluation design, implementation and analysis (7.5%)
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Ongoing-research and practice in student-centered, technology-mediated research, design, engagement and innovation (7.5%)
  • Development: Technology-mediated & face-to-face; individual, group and experiential – coaching and teaching for innovation, design, leadership, evaluation, communication, strategy and narrative (7.5%)
  • Public sector and social innovation lab: Research, design, development, leadership, coaching and evaluation (7.5%)


  1. Cost (30%)

Provide an estimate of time and resources required to complete this work. Include estimates for travel and the development of a working lab model.



RFQ Released

April 5, 2017, 2017

Proposal Deadline

April 19, 2017

Evaluation Complete

April 25, 2017

Agreement Signed

May 2, 2017


Please submit all proposals to by no later than April 19.