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06.03.2018 - 3 min. Read

A Message from our CEO: Strategic Planning 2018-2021

On March 31, 2018, eCampusOntario is starting its next chapter.  Since January 2017, eCampusOntario and its Board of Directors have been engaged in a strategic planning process, supported by research, environmental scans and market surveys that have provided us with a map of the technology-enabled learning landscape.

We have learned a lot, and we are eager to share our direction.

After consultations with our member institutions, Faculty Advisory Committee, Student Advisory Committee, and representatives from MAESD, we are pleased to announce that the eCampusOntario Strategic Plan 2018-2021 will be ready to be shared with all of our members in a few weeks.

Today, I can share that the Strategic Plan is focused on three key strategies:

  1. Lead through open and collaborative practices
  2. Build capacity through shared and collaborative services
  3. Inspire innovation through investment in research and development 

Our work happens in a rapidly changing environment, and our strategic direction must allow room for change. With this in mind, the strategic plan was written with the intention to regularly revisit and measure successes and to account for emerging opportunities. What will remain constant, however, is that our initiatives and activities will continue to support member institutions in exploring new ways of thinking about online and technology-enabled teaching and learning in Ontario.

Service to our member institutions underpin each of the three key strategies in the eCampusOntario Strategic Plan 2018-21. Our services to members are driven by our intention to create a culture that is focused on encouraging innovation in teaching and learning. Our goal is that the outcomes of these services will support success for learners, educators, members and partners across the Ontario post-secondary system.

We look forward to sharing the Strategic Plan with you in the next few weeks. Once the plan posted, we hope that all of our members will take the time to read it through. We will soon begin consultations with our Board, our member institutions, system partners, educators and learners to plan, design and implement open and collaborative educational technology programs and services. Over the next few months, there will be both formal and informal ways for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas on aspects of our programming. We encourage you to stay in touch – whether through our newsletter, social media, or reaching out directly to the eCampusOntario team – we always welcome the opportunity to connect with our members.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to the next chapter of eCampusOntario, as we continue to work alongside learners, educators and administrators to push boundaries, inspire innovation and pursue excellence.