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31.10.2019 - 2 min. Read

Francophone experiential learning pilot to be showcased at online workshop

On November 13, eCampusOntario will present its Francophone experiential learning project – known as CAPFO – at an online workshop hosted by the Francophone Distance Learning Network of Canada (REFAD). In this guest post, eCampusOntario’s Francophone Initiatives Program Manager, Hubert Lalande, explains CAPFO’s unique benefits, including students’ work with more than 35 business and non-profit organizational projects.

By Hubert Lalande
Program Manager, Francophone Initiatives

The CAPFO (Consortium d’apprentissage expérientiel francophone de l’Ontario) project brings together six post-secondary institutions. CAPFO allows Francophone students to build the skills that companies need using real-world experience, ultimately boosting employability.

CAPFO offers students authentic learning experiences by allowing them to work on real business or non-profit organizational projects. Using digital tools, CAPFO also makes it possible to put students in direct contact with entrepreneurs all over the world.

For companies, participation in CAPFO means new ideas for growth and development suggested by younger demographics, and easy identification of exceptional talent for future recruitment. While developing students’ digital skills, the CAPFO project allows partnerships between post-secondary institutions and businesses to be “de-geolocated” by connecting with technology at provincial, national and international levels.

After a pilot phase successfully completed in early 2019, the CAPFO project is now available to all participating institutions in the province, with more than 35 new business and organizational projects. The CAPFO model is easily exportable to other provinces and territories and aims to reach the entire international Francophonie.

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