eCampusOntario Micro-certification Platform Request for Quotes

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29.11.2019 - 2 min. Read

eCampusOntario is seeking quotes for a platform to support fourteen (14) micro-certification pilots from Ontario colleges and universities from January 1, 2020 – April 30, 2020.

Proponents submit a written response using template provided (Appendix B, no more than 8 pages) to this request for quote, clearly detailing the proponent’s ability to meet each functional requirement and compliance requirement (Appendix A).

See the FAQ below. Please submit applications to by December 9, 2019.


Why are the timelines so short? As a provincially funded organization, eCampusOntario operates on the Ontario government fiscal cycle, meaning that all funds must be allocated and projects in their closing stages by March 31, 2020.

Are the compliance requirements mandatory? Yes. These requirements are mandated provincially.

What type of pricing model should I submit in the quote? Quotes received must be complete, presented as a bulk cost, and be in Canadian Dollars.

Can I apply if I don’t host in Canada? Yes, but the platform must adhere to Canadian data privacy and security laws.

Is this one platform for all institutions? Or is this an instance of the platform for each institution? Each institution (14) will host its own platform instance with custom settings and branding.

Does the platform need to be blockchain enabled? The platform needs to respond to all the requirements expressed in Appendix A. Blockchain could enable some of these requirements but is not mandatory.

Will there be multiple vendors selected for the pilots? No. We are looking for the best fit and will select one solution to move forward with.

How many micro-certifications are expected to be delivered through the various pilot programs? We can’t predict at this point in time. This explains why we are looking at bulk cost as a pricing model.