20.09.2017 - 1 minute Read

The Bento Box: Science Literacy with Dr. Bill Ju

The Bento Box is a new lunchtime webinar series produced by eCampusOntario that highlights various conversations around open and technology-enabled teaching and learning.

Facilitated by eCampusOntario Program Manager, Jenni Hayman, our premiere webinar in the Bento Box series features U of T Associate Professor Dr. Bill Ju as he addresses the topic of science literacy in celebration of Science Literacy Week. As an expert in neuroscience, Dr. Ju frames the discussion around his personal teaching practices and the ways in which he is able to inspire students to stay on top of new research and view neuroscience as an ever-expanding field.

The conversation ends up touching on mental health and how it impacts students’ ability to stay focused, engaged and feel connected to their peers. From here, Dr. Ju discusses strategies for maintaining good mental health in the classroom and notes the unique role that Open Education Resources (OER) have played in reducing stress and improving science literacy among students.