25.10.2017 - 1 minute Read

The Bento Box: EdTech Tool Time with Joanne Kehoe and Terry Greene

In this 30-minute Bento Box webinar, eCampusOntario Program Managers, Joanne Kehoe and Terry Greene, discuss two examples of cutting- and trailing-edge technology that work to benefit online and technology-enabled classrooms. Both academics take the time to interview one another, ask questions, and provide remarkable insight into the use of these technologies within the realm of post secondary education.

Joanne frames her discussion around H5P, a free tool that allows individuals to create and share highly interactive polls, images, and video content. Terry focuses on an older, trailing-edge technology that many people already know and love: Google Slides. He centers his discussion around the program’s “comments” feature, which allows individuals to easily comment and spark discussion on online slides.