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Adaptive Learning in Common Learning
Management Systems

Your institution’s learning management system (LMS) may give you some of the tools you need to implement adaptive learning in your course(s). Look for tools like release conditions for assignments or quizzes and learner analytics. Engage in the learning communities for your LMS to find tips and tricks to provide personalized learning experiences. If you need assistance, reach out to your teaching and learning centre or IT department. While eCampusOntario does not endorse one learning management system (LMS) over another, these common LMS incorporate adaptive learning capabilities:

Adaptive Learning Platforms and Tools

eCampusOntario does not endorse one adaptive learning platform over another and suggests that educators explore the range of different options available. Below are some links to get you started in your exploration:

AI driven platform
offering out of the box
adaptive learning
solutions that can be
easily integrated into a
variety of contexts.
Customized and
collaborative projects also

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Build interactive
lessons, gamify your
content, and create
formative assessments

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Realistic scenarios with
which your learners can
interact to build real
world skills

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Upload your content and
create individual
learning experiences for
your students

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Content system that lets
instructors and learners
upload content, chart
individual learning pathways,
and maximize knowledge
acquisition through AI

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Adaptive Learning

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Adaptive skills
development platform

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Adaptive learning platform

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Tools for administering and
grading assessments, providing
timely feedback, and utilizes
learning analytics for insights
into student learning

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We encourage Adaptive Learning EdTech
Vendors to contact us to discuss adding your
platofrm link to our website.

Open Resources that can be used for Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning environments require significant content and learner engagement strategies that can be used to define individual learning paths through a course. The resources listed below are freely available through eCampusOntario to Ontario postsecondary educators:

Open Library

The eCampusOntario
Open Library has openly
licensed educational
resources that can be
customized or adopted
for your teaching and
learning needs.

H5P Studio

eCampusOntario H5P
Studio allows educators to
discover, create, and share
over 40 types of interactive
modular content for
formative assessment.


Pressbooks EDU
accounts are available
to educators to create
or adapt open
textbooks or other
text-based open
educational resources.

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