eCampusOntario Releases 2017 Calls for Proposals

eCampusOntario is pleased to release two Calls for Proposals to Ontario post-secondary institutions. All proposals must be submitted electronically by Monday June 19 at 4:00pm EDT. Please see the Calls for Proposals pages below for further information.  

Ontario Makes Textbook Affordability a Priority: Open Textbook Initiative

We are pleased to announce that with the generous support of the Ontario Government and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, eCampusOntario is releasing a Call for Proposals to support the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) at Ontario colleges and universities. A total of $1 million dollars of funding is available through the Open Textbooks Initiative.  

Anyone who has been to college or university remembers the financial burden of buying expensive textbooks. Studies have shown that the cost of books can be one of the primary barriers to higher education. This is why eCampusOntario is pleased to have the support of the Government of Ontario to make textbook affordability a priority. This current Call builds on eCampusOntario’s first round of funding that saw 24 projects funded.  

The current Call will accept projects to increase the presence and use of open textbooks in the following priority areas:

  1. Textbooks for high-enrolment first and second-year courses
  2. Original French-language content
  3. Indigenous studies content
  4. Trades and technical skills content
  5. Content supporting the settlement of immigrants and refugees

Funded Open Textbook Initiative projects will incent uptake of Open resources across the province, encourage the adoption and adaptation of open textbooks by educators across Ontario institutions, and support early adopters at a grass-roots level.

Download Open Textbook Initiative Call for Proposals (PDF, 290 KB)

Download the Open Textbook Creation Application Template (.docx, 1.12 MB)

Download the Open Textbook Adoption/Adaptation Application Template (.docx, 1.12 MB)

Download the eCampusOntario Open Licensing Policy (PDF, 78 KB)

Download the Shared Online Course Fund (ShOCF) Previously Funded Projects (.xlsx 41 MB)

NEW: Read the Open Textbook Initiative FAQ


Digital Inclusion Research

As a centre for excellence in online learning, eCampusOntario has a mandate to support leading edge Ontario research in the field. In this Call for Proposals, the Ontario Digital Service has provided funding to support researchers who wish to explore digital inclusion and related areas of focus, such as inequities in access to the Internet and digital skills, practices of design which exclude groups or individuals, and explorations of the concrete ways in which people can benefit from the application of digital skills and access across sectors (e.g., healthcare, education, civic participation) as well as ways in which people may be put at risk as a result of lack of knowledge, or skills in digital technologies.

Download the Digital Inclusion Research Call for Proposals (PDF, 348 KB)

Download the Digital Inclusion Research Application template (.docx, 1.12 MB)

Download the eCampusOntario Open Licensing Policy (PDF, 78 KB)



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Q&A Webinars
We will host a Q&A Webinar for each RFP on Wednesday May 31, 2017:

10am – 11am: Open Textbook Initiative. Register now.

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